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Their agents are proactive making the whole experience a breeze and I couldn't ask for more.
by Yasser Zayed
Supply Chain Manager
كنا محظوظين جدًا أننا لقينا قسطلي بعد تدوير كتير لبيتنا الجديد.. ساعدونا نلاقي البيت المناسب لينا بالسعر المناسب وأهم حاجة أننا استلمنا على طول
by أحمد عبدالله
My agent was soooo friendly and understanding of my very specific needs in my new home, and it was just a great experience ending in me finding the perfect space for me!!
by Janna Othman
أهم حاجة اننا قدرنا نقسط ونستلم البيت الجديد بسرعة مش بعد ١٠ سنين!
by Sara Wesam
My family began to grow, and I recently found the need to relocate to a better area for the kids and a larger home for everyone. I looked around a variety of homes until I found Qasatli... I loved having so many options and some pretty helpful payment options to choose from.
by John Wagdy
Marketing Manager

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